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Groundwater Interference (163)
Drilled Bedrock, Interference Reported Drilled Bedrock, Interference Reported
Drilled Bedrock, No Interference Drilled Bedrock, No Interference
Drilled gravel, Interference Reported Drilled gravel, Interference Reported
Drilled Gravel, No Intereference Drilled Gravel, No Intereference
Other Other
Private Wells (162)
GPS Location GPS Location
screen digitized screen digitized
E911 Address E911 Address
Welldriller/Clarion Welldriller/Clarion
Unknown Unknown
Public Water Sources (161)
Active Active
Proposed Proposed
Inactive Inactive
Stormwater Permits - Issued Permits (165)
Stormwater Permits - Pending Permits (164)
AE/VCE Confirmed Vernal Pools (167)
AE/VCE Unconfirmed Vernal Pools (166)
Outstanding Resource Waters (line) (173)
Shoreland Protection Act (175)
Lakeside Lakeside
Upland Upland
Wake Sports Zones (174)
Ground Water SPA (187)
Surface Water SPA (184)
Outstanding Resource Waters (area) (204)
SGA Phase 2 Reach Segment Breaks (172)
SGA Reach Breaks (171)
SGA Phase 2 Assessed Reaches (170)
SGA Phase 1 Assessed Reaches (169)
SGA Project Locations (168)
River Corridors (Aug 27, 2019) (176)
Small Streams - 50ft Setback (3)
303(d) watershed (179)
303(d) stream/river (178)
303(d) lake/pond (177)
Small MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems) Area (186)
Stormwater Impaired Watersheds (185)
Wetland Restoration Model Site Prioritization (Lake Champlain 2017) (206)
0.600000 - 1.000000 0.600000 - 1.000000
1.000001 - 2.000000 1.000001 - 2.000000
2.000001 - 3.000000 2.000001 - 3.000000
3.000001 - 4.000000 3.000001 - 4.000000
VT Significant Wetlands Inventory (193)
Class I Wetland Class I Wetland
Class II Wetland Class II Wetland
Wetland Buffer Wetland Buffer
<all other values> <all other values>
Wetlands Advisory Layer (194)
Advisory Wetland Advisory Wetland
Lakes Inventory (208)
Lake Inventory Watersheds (209)
Lake/Pond WBIDs and WBID Segments (199)
River Main Stem Waterbodies (WBID) (201)
WBID Watersheds (202)
VT01-01 VT01-01
VT01-02 VT01-02
VT01-03 VT01-03
VT01-05 VT01-05
VT01-06 VT01-06
VT01-07 VT01-07
VT02-01 VT02-01
VT02-02 VT02-02
VT02-03 VT02-03
VT02-04 VT02-04
VT02-05 VT02-05
VT03-02 VT03-02
VT03-04 VT03-04
VT03-06 VT03-06
VT03-07 VT03-07
VT03-08 VT03-08
VT03-09 VT03-09
VT03-10 VT03-10
VT03-11 VT03-11
VT03-12 VT03-12
VT03-13 VT03-13
VT03-14 VT03-14
VT03-15 VT03-15
VT03-16 VT03-16
VT03-17 VT03-17
VT03-18 VT03-18
VT04-01 VT04-01
VT04-02 VT04-02
VT04-03 VT04-03
VT04-04 VT04-04
VT05-01 VT05-01
VT05-02 VT05-02
VT05-03 VT05-03
VT05-04 VT05-04
VT05-05 VT05-05
VT05-06 VT05-06
VT05-07 VT05-07
VT05-08 VT05-08
VT05-09 VT05-09
VT05-10 VT05-10
VT05-11 VT05-11
VT05-12 VT05-12
VT06-03 VT06-03
VT06-04 VT06-04
VT06-05 VT06-05
VT06-06 VT06-06
VT06-07 VT06-07
VT06-08 VT06-08
VT07-01 VT07-01
VT07-03 VT07-03
VT07-05 VT07-05
VT07-06 VT07-06
VT07-08 VT07-08
VT07-09 VT07-09
VT07-10 VT07-10
VT07-11 VT07-11
VT07-12 VT07-12
VT07-13 VT07-13
VT07-14 VT07-14
VT07-15 VT07-15
VT07-16 VT07-16
VT07-17 VT07-17
VT07-18 VT07-18
VT07-19 VT07-19
VT07-20 VT07-20
VT07-21 VT07-21
VT07-22 VT07-22
VT08-02 VT08-02
VT08-04 VT08-04
VT08-06 VT08-06
VT08-08 VT08-08
VT08-09 VT08-09
VT08-10 VT08-10
VT08-11 VT08-11
VT08-12 VT08-12
VT08-13 VT08-13
VT08-14 VT08-14
VT08-15 VT08-15
VT08-16 VT08-16
VT08-17 VT08-17
VT08-19 VT08-19
VT08-20 VT08-20
VT09-03 VT09-03
VT09-04 VT09-04
VT09-05 VT09-05
VT09-06 VT09-06
VT09-07 VT09-07
VT10-02 VT10-02
VT10-04 VT10-04
VT10-06 VT10-06
VT10-07 VT10-07
VT10-08 VT10-08
VT10-09 VT10-09
VT10-10 VT10-10
VT10-12 VT10-12
VT10-13 VT10-13
VT10-14 VT10-14
VT10-15 VT10-15
VT10-16 VT10-16
VT11-02 VT11-02
VT11-03 VT11-03
VT11-04 VT11-04
VT11-05 VT11-05
VT11-06 VT11-06
VT11-08 VT11-08
VT11-09 VT11-09
VT11-11 VT11-11
VT11-12 VT11-12
VT11-13 VT11-13
VT11-14 VT11-14
VT11-15 VT11-15
VT11-16 VT11-16
VT11-18 VT11-18
VT12-01 VT12-01
VT12-02 VT12-02
VT12-03 VT12-03
VT12-04 VT12-04
VT12-05 VT12-05
VT12-06 VT12-06
VT12-07 VT12-07
VT13-06 VT13-06
VT13-07 VT13-07
VT13-08 VT13-08
VT13-09 VT13-09
VT13-10 VT13-10
VT13-11 VT13-11
VT13-12 VT13-12
VT13-13 VT13-13
VT13-14 VT13-14
VT13-15 VT13-15
VT13-16 VT13-16
VT13-17 VT13-17
VT14-01 VT14-01
VT14-02 VT14-02
VT14-03 VT14-03
VT14-04 VT14-04
VT14-05 VT14-05
VT14-06 VT14-06
VT14-07 VT14-07
VT14-08 VT14-08
VT14-09 VT14-09
VT15-02 VT15-02
VT15-03 VT15-03
VT15-04 VT15-04
VT15-05 VT15-05
VT15-06 VT15-06
VT15-07 VT15-07
VT15-08 VT15-08
VT15-09 VT15-09
VT16-08 VT16-08
VT16-09 VT16-09
VT16-10 VT16-10
VT16-11 VT16-11
VT16-12 VT16-12
VT16-13 VT16-13
VT16-14 VT16-14
VT16-15 VT16-15
VT16-16 VT16-16
VT16-17 VT16-17
VT16-18 VT16-18
VT16-19 VT16-19
VT16-20 VT16-20
VT16-21 VT16-21
VT17-01 VT17-01
VT17-02 VT17-02
VT17-03 VT17-03
VT17-04 VT17-04
VT17-05 VT17-05
VT17-06 VT17-06
VT17-07 VT17-07
VT17-08 VT17-08
VT17-09 VT17-09
VT17-10 VT17-10
VT Priority Stream/River (191)
Part B (impaired TMDL not required) Part B (impaired TMDL not required)
Part D (impaired with approved TMDL) Part D (impaired with approved TMDL)
Part E (altered exotic species) Part E (altered exotic species)
Part F (altered flow regulation) Part F (altered flow regulation)
VT Priority Lake/Pond (192)
Part B (impaired TMDL not required) Part B (impaired TMDL not required)
Part D (impaired with approved TMDL) Part D (impaired with approved TMDL)
Part E (altered exotic species) Part E (altered exotic species)
Part F (altered flow regulation) Part F (altered flow regulation)
VT Water Quality Classification (203)