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This map was developed to connect residents, businesses, and institutions with solid waste services; and to connect haulers, composters, and food rescue agencies to sources of food and food scraps. The goal is to make it easier to reduce waste and save natural resources.

Here you will find facilities that accept various materials for food rescue, recycling, composting, and disposal, such as food shelves, transfer stations and composters. As you zoom in closer, you will find businesses and institutions (such as restaurants, grocery stores, markets, hospitals, schools, food manufacturers, assisted living facilities, correctional facilities, and more) with the estimated tons of food scraps they might generate. Zooming in will also reveal local food shelves where quality food can be donated for people in need. You can map and find your local solid waste management entity by clicking on the box in the map layers section.

For an overview of the map tools and functions, click the Map Guide button below or view a 7-minute User Tutorial Video.


Disclaimer: This map, and the database that supports it, contains inaccuracies. With over 6,000 entries and a near constant opening and closing of businesses around the state, it is challenging to keep up-to-date information. However, ANR and other government entities will continually work together to make improvements and corrections. Weekly food scrap tonnages for food scrap generators are estimates only. For more information on how data on food scrap generators was collected and how tonnage was calculated, download the Methodology document and the Food Scrap Generation Database Calculations sheet. If you find an error, please click the SUBMIT CORRECTION button below to send us an update.

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